The perfect fitness trackers for 2022

Fitness trackers are not just the athletes and the enthusiasts. They are excellent tools for helping anyone maintain a healthy lifestyle, providing data on everything from steps to sleep to the rhythm of the heart. We’ve dressed, tested, and reviewed the fit bands and over 100 smartwatchs, so we understand which ones are best.

Here are the most striking models, and the Fitbit Charge 5 tops the list, thanks to its lightweight body, long battery life, and basic connectivity features for smartphones. We have a lot of great deals on Fitbits if one is at the top of your shopping list. And if you can not justify the price of Fitbit, we have some cheap ways to track your activity here.

While this list is very focused on dynamic bands, smart watches also do a great job with tracking fitness, so if a watch-like design and great performance are attractive, be sure to check out our list of the best smart watches.

Fitbit charge 5 touch touch indicators on Yoona Wagener / Digital Trends Fitbit Charge 5 Best Fitness Tracker

Stylish and comfortable design
Strong battery life
Advanced health metrics uploaded
Onboard GPS with many variants
Supports Fitbit Pay

Sometimes it’s quick to swipe input
It lacks the basic tools for durability / fitness
Some features require Fitbit Premium
Why you should buy this: A well-priced, multi-featured battery track with seven days of battery life.

Who: Anyone looking for a good quality charger and not looking for a smart watch.

Why we chose Fitbit Charge 5:

Fitbit Charge 5 has reminded us of why we love Fitbit’s solid trackers. Fitbit has updated the design language of the Charge with the Charge 5, adds smooth round corners and leaves the boxing design of the past. The look is very much in line with the latest Apple Watch Series 7, and it means that the new Fitbit Fitness Tracker is something you will not be ashamed to look wearing. It is made of aluminum, glass, and silicone too, so it looks good as it looks.

But its enough style – how do you do it? It is a dedicated, tracking fitness tracker as you can count on, with 20 exercises. Most of them start automatically, so it will take pictures of climbing and climbing without having to start, and while GPS can be a little behind when you start a follow-up, it stays busy without much impact on our performance. Exercise is only part of the story, and the Charge 5 also has some impressive health features. It can monitor your blood pressure and stress levels, and will soon include support for the Fitbit ECG app.

While not a full-fledged smartwatch, the Charge 5 has some notification support from a paired phone. Android users get a few features that iPhone users don’t get, like quick responses, but iPhone users should be using the Apple Watch anyway, so it’s not a big problem.

Unfortunately, it is heavily tied to the compatible app on your phone. But the Fitbit app is actually a very good one, which sugar pills a bit. It’s easy to view the data you need, and it also gives you in-depth details of how you kill or perform in your tests. Premium registration is required to provide all the data you may need, which is annoying.

As mentioned earlier, the Fitbit Charge 5 also offers a seven-day battery life, which is a good measure of this fitness tracker level. Best of all, it has a reasonable price, so you won’t spend a lot of money on it, and it gives you a lot of your money.

Fitbit Charge 5
The best fitness tracker

apple clock update Andy Boxall pack / Digital Trends Apple Watch SE Best fitness tracker for iOS

Stylish design
Very customizable
Comprehensive health tracking
Reaction, fluid action
Reliable software, easy to use
Why you should buy this: You want the best price tracker and iOS smartwatch.

Who: You own an iPhone and can choose a watch-like design and many other features without having to track the activity.

Why we chose Apple Watch SE:

The Apple Watch SE is much more than a career tracker. It has a beautiful screen, uses apps, will make and receive calls, shows notifications from your phone, and will tell you how long to wash your hands. Obviously, this high level of performance affects the price, and the Apple Watch SE starts at $ 279.

Why highlight it when it is more than a qualifying tracker? Especially because Apple’s health and function tracking software is very good and very easy to use. There is a wide range of fitness tracking system, GPS, heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, and body switches. The data you collect is easy to define, and the Call to Work system for daily goals is simple and inspiring.

These are the little things that make the Apple Watch SE a great companion. The automatic hand time calculator is incredibly accurate, the clock will remind you to get up after periods of inactivity, there is a relaxing thought app called Breathe, and it has features to track the menstrual cycle for women as usual. It uses the latest WatchOS 8 software, which adds a new Breathe system, as well as a new list of fitness options.

If you are considering the Apple Watch SE and life goes on, you probably consider the Apple Watch Series 7 as well. It costs about $ 399 but has an ECG, SpO2 measurement, and a new heart rate sensor. Whatever you choose, it is the best health and performance tracker for iPhone owners.

Apple Watch SE
The best fitness tracker for iOS

fitbit ace 3 reviews 4Fitbit Ace 3 lifestyle pictures The best fitness tracker for kids

Easy to use
It is comfortable, it fits a child
Attractive, animated interface
Happy, family challenges

The clasp can break
Works best with parental Fitbit
Why you should buy this: Full of features, full of reward

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