The Difficulty of Being an Adult: You are Successful Stop Looking at The Wrong Things

After a long conversation with a friend one evening, he looked at me and said, “Oh, if only they had told us it was so hard”. Age is a stage in one’s life and no matter how hard we try, no one can escape it.

It’s funny how we prepare so many things but time and dedication put us in a situation where we no longer have a choice but life has to choose for us.

As kids, we wanted to be adults and get to that stage and it gets harder and ‘pulls’.

I remember a time in my office, and a colleague asked me, “how come $ 100 was so big money and kept it for so long but it still blows like wind”.?

You get to remember how you started with those you started with. In fact, at times you may even feel like a failure. One minute you are happy and the next you are all broken and do not want to continue. You have a lot of plans and in your mind you plan everything, it seems easy for you to make a great plan but making a plan becomes difficult and you wonder; what’s wrong. Yes !! Welcome to age.

Being an adult exposes you to a whole new level, takes you to a point where you are comparing yourself to others, trying to look at the right measure of success and what the basics should measure for failure.

However, it is fun to be an adult but at the same time you need to understand that there is a way for everyone and not all children live in the same circle together for ten years. It is not a division, it is called a revolution.

Success has been explained or almost explained by many people, our mentors, parents, teachers and caregivers. Because of these definitions or definitions, we find ourselves clinging to a certain degree of success and putting ourselves under pressure to make it happen.

Let’s not forget, success as defined by the school is based on your level of achievement, whereas socially, it depends on how strong you are.

At all levels and in all stages of change, the definition of success changes and this has led many people to misunderstand the true meaning of success.

Things change without asking permission and are expected to flow smoothly as you are not in control yet.

She is scared. It is good to be afraid.

Now this is because, growth comes with a lot of things. Let me tell you from money making, marriage life and parenthood, getting a dream job and even owning a business. You get to discover something completely new. And something is getting worse in recent years. The internet should make things easier but doing it online is even harder than getting a dream job; considering the type of competition in all ‘nits’ online.

These things pose a serious challenge to adulthood.

To be honest, sometimes when you are an adult, listening to inspiring speakers as an adult gets so frustrated that they will say to you, “It’s all a lie” !! This is because your efforts at your production level are not on the balance sheet. In fact, when you examine your level of inclusion and honest hard work and have little or nothing to show for your hard work, you will find it believable, inspirational speech is contagious in movies only.

In order to overcome the challenges of old age and not to struggle with your choices when discussing success, you must understand that success is not a trophy won by competing with another person but by elevating your previous identity to be better than you.

Learn to be responsible for your words and actions and do not be negligent in them, do not learn all the feelings of privilege, you need to understand that no one owes you anything and all acts of kindness should be appreciated. It is an act of kindness and not of obligation.

Some inspiring speakers would say, success is not money but for everything you want to achieve as an adult, make sure making money is part of the plan. Remember we said earlier that social success is a way you can influence, and even influence, monetization makes up more than 75% of the agreement.

There is nothing more exciting than financial independence: To reduce the stress of adulthood, make sure you have a source of income, no matter how small. Violations affect positive thinking and reduce the ability to focus on future plans.

Being an adult is an opportunity to work smarter, think smarter and speak smarter. Always remember, it is not just the hard work that is being done here but the smart work. #learn to integrate.

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