The Blessing and The Curse: Filled With Natural and Human Resources but Gullible Leadership The Curse

It is a problem when the system is not working but a bigger problem when the people are aware but fail to make it work.

We are quick to point out the flaws and errors of a leader but how to fix it is never mentioned. The world is structured in a way that the representative of the total population is not even up to 15 percent of the population, which is statistically inadequate. Let me explaina leader can decide what becomes of the people be it in their favor or not. The world is unified by the United Nations, with a representation from each member states. For example, when decisions are made it is expected that the member states are to follow suit. One most recent example is the temporal exit of the United States from the WHO.

Africa with all human and natural resources remain under developed and may never develop because the readiness that led to the revolution in the western world is not in the buildup of the African communities.

Let me tell you something’s you may not have observed about Africa. When we talk about comfort; African is the most comfortable continent on the planet. You may ask how? The weather in Africa is not too hot and neither too cold for plants to grow and same for animals to survive. As a matter of fact, Africa is the continent with more animals which somehow signifies that it is because there is food for their survival.

These blessings made Africans lazy in thinking and crave for higher purpose and you can see this from the life style of the average African. Since there is no snow or hurricane, African have no need thinking of the possibility of building a castle and even till this present day, hunger is a major challenge in Africa despite the large productive lands.

The unfortunate problem is no one is ready to take responsibility for this fault, it is either the people demonize the poverty in the region or they blame God for the failed society but what they fail to realize is that our actions and inactions also have a role to play.

Just like we stated earlier, leadership is a key factor to development and whether we like it or not, the African leaders are lords to the people and pets to their colonial masters.

People pay more attention to politics instead of governance, the interest is not the politics but how the people are governed. You may not understand, but how many long term functioning projects can we point to in Africa? The same politicians that you worshipped during the campaign have forgotten the roads are dead traps, the schools are not equipped, and the hospitals are bad: yet you have failed to learn that it is not about the politics but the governance, the leadership.

The gullible, selfish and direction leadership in Africa is why Africa is likely not to transit from its current state. Gullible because, the leaders and policy makers are ready to sell out the people to companies or governments that brings the offer, selfish because it is all for the politicians interest and not the people he represents and directionless because, all that the African leader thinks, is how to move the family to Europe or America, with no plans to develop Africa.

Africa especially Nigeria has a large number of people estimated to be 200 millions, but this population is only useful when it is time for elections and re-election. By economic implication, more than half of that population is useless. This is because, schools owned by government are not properly equipped to train the students or the private schools are too expensive to afford. Same goes with the amount of untapped natural resources in the region and even in other parts of Africa.

Whether the abundance of human and natural resources in Africa is a blessing or a curse, it will be dependent on when Africa will be ready to grow but Africans need to learn to work hard and work out of the “it’s not our fault” mentality. Take responsibility and build your nation. Life will not get better because you are running away; life gets better when work on it and makes it better.

When you are wrongly represented, even nature will work against you. It is not about the party or politics but governance.

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