REPORT: Jurgen Klopp confirms “Liverpool legend” Divock Origi is leaving

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed striker Divock Origi will leave at the end of the season.The Belgium international has not played enough matches to trigger an extension to his contract and has been heavily linked with a move to AC Milan.

‘I don’t want to see anybody leave but that is life. I have no idea, nobody came to see me and said they want to leave and no agent called me,’ he added.

‘We will see what happens. It’s not the time to think about it. What happened this season is just possible because of the group we have; we have top-class players, world-class players in moments when we had in the past not.

‘I have no idea who wants to go and I don’t see that really but if somebody comes around the corner and says ‘I have a club I want to go’ that then is the normal thing that happens and the other club has to make an offer because as long as the boys are here we have to agree as well.

‘But it is really not the moment, it is the moment where we need to focus 100 percent, keep everyone in line – which is not a problem actually – for these last two games.

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