How to Write a Relevant Problem Statement in Your Research Paper

Many students have problems with this part of the first chapter in their research work and in fact, some managers do not want you to submit project topics for approval, they want a problem statement, and for some of you, this really bothered me. Well, I know the feeling. So calm down; it is not difficult as your manager has presented.


Okay !!! Now that you know that writing a problem statement or problem statement is not difficult, let’s move on to a simple understanding of the concept.

The problem statement in one sentence is the economic consistency of your research. If you want to introduce it as a question to help your understanding, you could say, why am I doing this research ??

Something to understand before we go any further is that the Problem Statement is not a Problem Statement. Please note the difference. when you meet with a doctor, you do not want to make things worse by telling him your financial problem, spiritual problem and still trying to discuss your medical problems. it is always better to dwell on one thing and focus on that particular problem and find a way to fix it than to identify many things at once.

Using taxes as a tool for economic development as an example: I can’t say

financial mismanagement in the allocation of resources and the inefficiency of the unemployed tax authorities in Nigeria and over-reliance on the oil sector in the oil sector: a problem identified.

well !!!

This is incorrect because I have mentioned the tax authorities not working as a problem identified in this way; introducing oil money kind of polluted the purpose.

therefore the best way to express it;

financial misconduct in the allocation of resources and the inefficiency of the unemployed tax authorities in Nigeria; problem identified.

ok !!

To start a statement of your problem, you need to understand that, unlike going to the doctor, you do not know what is wrong with you unless you explain the symptoms to the doctor and if necessary, a medical examination is recommended.

Okay !! With this picture of a doctor and patience in your mind, it is time to bring our imagination to life.

First let’s say you have tax and economic growth in mind; now you need to first understand the concept of taxation, understand why it is a problem or why this problem is a research problem.

In some cases, some people choose a longer note of the problem statement. However, it is not about a long note, in fact, sometimes, a long note gets you in trouble and your manager finds errors in what you wrote.

When you work on taxes, you point out the tax and its relationship to the economy, you provide one or two tax-related benefits, and you may need to cite one or two people who share your thoughts. Then proceed to make your points. You point me right here; gives the current tax status as compared to other economic states, gives the current tax status and identifies the current problem, and what the economic situation would be if steps were not taken to address the identified problem; with this you can submit to add a research gap.

So as you tell the doctor, I have a headache, high body temperature, loss of appetite, fatigue and vomiting and the doctor tells you that it is a fever or advice to continue a medical examination, is the same as writing a statement of the problem.

For those who do not understand GAP RESEARCH; it is the information gap you intend to close. Which means, as you should have been told, there is no new research topic; at least one person must have worked in a study environment that you are trying to explore. However, the essence of the research gap is to tell the differences in previously tested information and a new perspective that aims to add to existing information.

Please note that if your research has no information gap, then it is just a reprinted information that is not useful for reading.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask and if you wish to correct, you can also put your opinion in the comments section.

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