How To Check Your Plastic National ID Card 2021

This application contains a number of features that will show you how your Date of Birth is and how your Name is in a row, and then it will be in the form of Plastic on the front and back, which if you touch the front of the card will turn you back..

Many years ago many people had a National ID Card but forgot their Date of Birth or what phone number they had at the time of registration, since the printed Slip does not show the above mentioned.

A Few of the MWS: NIMC Mobile ID

But now this problem is solved because this new national id card application contains all the required information.

People who have lost their phone number can be found through this app and you can see a part of the phone number, which will remind you of the number used.

Also after the app launches on your phone you can view your data night or day without using Data.

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