Definition and differences between data and information of a computer scope.

Data and Scope of Information.

Data and information terms are often used interchangeably as both can be facts, information, learned about an object, person or place.

Data contains any computer processing information, e.g. Numbers, texts, pictures and sounds that are in a good condition to be stored or processed by a computer. Data is a collection of facts, such as values ​​or estimates. Data refers to facts, events, activities and activities recorded. Data is the raw material from which information is derived. The raw data provided by a computer is also called data.

Examples of data:

Student data on entry form (name, father’s name, age, address etc.).
Citizen data during the census.
Research data to know the opinion about the products.
Student test data such as CA and test subjects for different subjects for all students collected.

Information is organized data, a logical operation based on computer data by organizing and interpreting it in a certain way. Information refers to the processed data. Information is information that is processed in a way that is meaningful and useful to the person receiving it.

Helpful Examples of information:

1-Census report.
2-Research reports and results.
3-Individual student card results.

Information Features.

When: Information should be available when needed.
Accuracy: Information must be accurate.
Completeness: Information must be completed.

The big difference between data and information.

Data is a very low level of information, referring to a very low abstract or immature input that when processed or programmed produces results, while Information is a second level, i.e. the processed result of data.
Data alone is not important, while Information is important in itself.
Data is unprocessed information, while Information is processed data.
Data is not dependent on information, while Information is dependent on data.
The data is inaccurate, while the information is clear.
Data is input, while Info is the result.
Viewing and recording is done to obtain Data, such as symbols, letters, pictures or numbers, while analysis is performed to obtain Information (the result of data being processed).
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